Mallorca – Sevilla Match Comments

It’s an exciting time to be a Sevilla fan! On a smaller scale, it’s an exciting time to be a part of MonchisMen!

On the latter, the blog has been booming lately mostly due to several new faces that have been popping up (looking your way, shendm, mark, tirasus, niller, ricky, skallum…who else? holla at me!). It’s so fun to see new conversations every couple of hours! If you read the About Page you’ll see that our goal all along was to make a forum where Sevilla fans could convene in English, share our stories, get all tactical, and generally build a community of far-flung fandom of our particular team. That community thing feels great! But also, our previous hits record for a single day, which stood since the CdR final of 2011, has been broken three times in the last three weeks! We’re glad to share this place with all of you and hope, if you feel so inclined, that you would feel free to contribute a column of your own in the future. “Somos de todos” might as well be the slogan of our blog as well as our team!

As far as the former, Sevilla are trending up. Look at this!

segunda vuelta

That’s Sevilla tied for fourth! Whoa. “Did I miss several weeks of matches?” you may be asking yourself. “No!” I tell you! It’s the second half of the season table brought to us by our friend MoR.

Sevilla is trending up, you guys! We’ve risen from 14th to 10th place in the nine weeks since the winter break, and with 11 weeks still remaining look poised to jump into the top spots if trends continue this Saturday. Let’s be clear though: because of Málaga’s ban from Europe next season, Europe has actually dropped closer to us almost as much as we’ve risen to it. The two are madly in love and desperate to find each other again, I guess.

What trends need to continue? Well…

1. Winning points! (duhvcourse)

2. Negredo burying the sitters

3. Moreno playing left back

4. Navas’s streaker impression on the right

5. Eh-mer-y (, gee I think you’re swell! And you really do me well! You’re my pride and joy, etcetraaaaaahhhhhhhh)

So, we fly to Mallorca this weekend. Unlike the our richer friends who get to buzz all over the country with all female flight crews, Sevilla tends to travel by AVE or bus to most away matches. The team we field will be full of intrigue. We’ve seen a few recent shuffles of the deck by Eh-mer-y(!) that include but are not limited to: Manu over Reyes, Moreno over Navarro, and Coke over Cicinho. We’ve also seen Navarro take a somewhat casual shot as a CB, but we would all be shocked to see that again, methinks. Will it be Cala and Botía now that Fazio is hurt? Will it be Coke and Botía with Cicinho getting behind the streaker again? Will we see Reyes again this season?

My dreams:

1. Negredo scores another hat trick and takes off his shirt to reveal a new SFC tattoo around his bellybutton. All allegiance doubts are flicked away like lint from his naval.

2. Giovanni Dos Santos trips on four straight breakaway chances and we feel totally ok about never getting him.

3. Navas rips off all his clothes after scoring a game winner in the final minute.

and a one, a two, a one-two-three-four—-!



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158 responses to “Mallorca – Sevilla Match Comments

  1. 1) id like to second aaron’s gratitude to all the newcomers. i know the last year or so i’ve been a total deadbeat contributor. if someone had told me that doing a phd would cut into sevilla-watching time, my life might look very different these days.

    2) on dream #3 aaron, if you tag this post with the key words “Jesus Navas Naked” i think we might double our daily hits record.

  2. Aaron, is there something you want to confess to us? 😉

  3. jrmrhr

    On the subject of how great it is to be a part of the community here at Monchi’s Men (and really of the worldwide community of SFC supporters), I wrote a series of tweets from the blog’s account that I suppose wouldn’t be inappropriate to re-post here:

    “Comments like these are a big reason we founded and continue to run our site: ‘I was surprised to see such a blog, didn’t think that there’d be so many Sevilla Fans around the world’, ‘I know 1(!) fellow Sevilla-fan, so I am very thankfull for this blog.’

    Sure, we’ll never know the thrill of a €60m signing or of sighing about only winning 1 trophy or even what it’s like to keep star players. Heck, some years our team struggles to finish in the top half of the table, let alone to compete in or challenge to win anything in Europe. But I once had a 20 minute chat with a stranger just bc he was wearing a Sevilla shirt. That shirt meant something about my new friend. If you see a guy in a RM or Barca or Man U or Chelsea shirt, it just means…he likes to wear shirts. I’ll take that sense of community over getting bored of winning trophies any day.

    Thanks, MM readers, and thanks Sevillistas everywhere!”

  4. jrmrhr

    Also, great preview, Aaron!

  5. Great introduction Aaron, you managed to combine so many talking points with so many bizarre images, I don’t know where to start 😉

    Well, going on with the theme of MonchisMen, I suppose I’m not the only one here who is eternally grateful to have an English language SevillaFC blog. Thanks to everyone because the tone and quality of the contributors is unbelievable, 99.99% of the web lacks the decorum of MonchisMen.

    So I really should be helping a bit more – but as most of you know, I was fighting a major battle with a potentially lethal bug that has severely damaged one eye. The good news is that (2000 doses of antibiotics later) I have one remaining hospital visit just to rubber stamp the all clear.

    I can’t think of very much to improve the blog, apart from having draft Cruzcampo coming out of the left and right sidebars.

    But if we had some new themes or secondary themes apart from the next game, it might be an idea, we could have a league table of predictions maybe or a fantasy league of strange events.

    The weather should pick up pretty soon so I’ll be back at the ciudad deportivo to get some information about training sessions and I intend to post you the details, and maybe some opinion pieces.

  6. skallum

    Same here for me, I’m enjoying this blog very much since I found it. Just like all the others here so that means you (the creators/owners) are doing something right and you absolutely do! So here’s another thanks for me to you.

    I once said, maybe I could write something anytime here, but I know my text structure is confusing and goes from this to that and back and also the quality isn’t great. So that would only bring the level down here in comparison with those great articles of Aaron, Chris, Jeremy and MessioRonaldo . For me to write a good thing, I need a good subject ofcourse (which I can’t come up with one) and spend a lot of time writing it, something I don’t have these weeks. Maybe once i’ll make it up…

  7. The program I designed to collect and publish tabular data is perfect for a fantasy league ‘game’ with weekly updates. Maybe it’s something we could do for next season or even have a trial run with what’s left of this season.

    Anyone got any ideas? we could base it on SevillaFC, or la liga and have categories as follows;

    Man of the Match 5 points
    Goal (Forward) 2 points
    Goal (Midfielder) 4 points
    Goal (Defender) 8 points
    Goalkeeper clean sheet 2 points
    Played 90 mins 2 points
    Yellow Card -1 point
    Red Card -2 points
    On bench, not played -1 point

    This site provides all of of the data

    and transfermarketuk provide the values

    If it were based on SevillaFC, I suggest transfer money of €25 million to buy as many players as you like, for 25 you could buy Negredo, Botía and Cicinho for example. Let me know and I’ll set it up.

    • skallum

      That sounds fun! But if Sevilla-based, there probably woudn’t be to much difference between everyone right. La Liga-based I think is better then. Some years ago here I did something similar for the dutch league (18 clubs) then you had to take one player from each team, and then you had to pick 2 GK, 6 Def, 6 Mid, 4 Attackers and choose your own formation depending on what you want each week. Then we discuss what formations are optional. In La liga 20 clubs so maybe 2 GK, 7 def, 6 mid, 5 attackers and each week you’ve got to pick eleven of them in a formation of choice, with playing players you think this week perform well. And just like you said maybe with some kind of budget to make it realistic and harder for you to choose players.

  8. Fazio trained normally today, I think the press over exaggerated that one.

  9. Mark

    Hello All,
    May I echo some of the points mentioned on the acknowledgement of the newcomers to the site, myself being one of them. I am very proud to part of this English speaking Sevillista community. I am always very impressed with the level of knowledge and views that people share on this forum. The organisers and the fans on here really know there stuff. I think we have a good balance of the voices of pure 100% optimism with many portraying the calmer voice of reason. Overall it’s really good fun and the intellectual debates on tactics, matchplay with the running commentary means unlike previous being a true overseas Sevillista, this forum brings a whole new interactive dimension.
    Back in the UK, I do follow Manchester United, as I am based there. While it is great to see the reds win trophies, I must admit I do get more emotionally involved in the Sevilla games, because I know that any win or any top table finish is that much harder for a lower Spanish club to achieve. It’s also great to support a club which is firmly based within its traditions and core values. The people from Sevilla are very proud. When you visit the stadium the pure exuberance of colour, singing and electric atmosphere is an unbelievable experience. Not to mention all of that more often than not on a hot summers evening with kick-off at 10pm, which means (you’ve guessed it), plenty of the famous Cruz Campo and tapas before and after!!! (Doesn’t get better than that – Trust me)!!!
    I think what’s also worth the mention to the post, is the incredible incredible (yes, I have written it twice) culture which the City of Seville, the capital of the region Andalucia is about. I don’t know how much of you know or don’t know about the City itself, (hope I’m not boring you all), however the street gatherings on Easter Week, and the April fair are a real life experience. Christmas is also fabulous with the Three Magic King’s parade. I think just the setting of the narrow streets as the sun is going down, whilst it’s still hot with the streets full of people, mainly families with no drunks or idiots insight, you can hear plenty of people singing a dancing Sevillanas, which is a different more flamboyant form of Flamenco (Andalucia es mi tierra, yo soy del sur – Andalucia is my earth, I’m from the south) all up until 2am in morning is for me what makes Sevilla an incredible place.
    Just thought I would share that with you Guys, hope you didn’t mind reading this.
    Gracias, y un abrazo grande para mi Sevillistas hablar Inlges.

  10. Hey mark, great comments. Sorry that Madrid did that. You speak the truth as I see it, it’s a beautiful city, the football atmosphere is incredible – it’s the main conversation in any bar you go in, even between the ladies.

    They also know how that big party means small glass, take your time.

    I also love everything about this place, from the flamenco to the Semana Santa.

    There is a problem now with the economy and the amount of unemployment, but I love the people and the culture. The worse things about the culture are that people don’t form queues they announce themselves as they enter a shop, it’s really quite a superior system, they also serve hot coffee in glasses that are difficult to pick up when hot, they serve aliños dripping with olive oil and give you a fork to eat it, apart from those idiosyncracies they are wonderful people with a wonderful culture.

  11. If anyone wants to play ‘Fantasy Sevilla’ – chose your players (as many as you like) to a maximum value of less than €25m. Just till the end of the season, there’ll be no buying or selling or changing players, just points awarded and a league table.

    The rule is, nobody two can have exactly the same team so first come first served.

    Álvaro Negredo Forward 18m
    Jesús Navas Midfield 17m
    Ivan Rakitic Midfield 10m
    Medel Midfield 8m
    Alberto Botía Defense 5m
    Federico Fazio Defense 5m
    Reyes Midfield 5m
    Kondogbia Midfield 4m
    Manu del Moral Forward 4m
    Babá Forward 3m
    Beto Goal 3m
    Cicinho Defense 3m
    Diego Perotti Forward 3m
    F. Navarro Defense 2m
    Hedwiges Maduro Midfield 2m
    Miroslav Stevanovic Midfield 2m
    Javi Hervás Midfield 1.8m
    Cala Defense 1.3m
    Coke Defense 1m
    Andrés Palop Goal 0.5m

    This is the points system

    Man of the Match 5 points
    Goal (Forward) 2 points
    Goal (Midfielder) 4 points
    Goal (Defender) 8 points
    Goalkeeper clean sheet 2 points
    Played 90 mins 2 points
    Yellow Card -1 point
    Red Card -2 points
    On bench, not played -1 point

    • skallum

      Is Alberto Moreno for free 🙂

      Kondogbia (4), Fazio and Botía (10) Beto (3) Medel (8) Alberto Moreno

    • skallum

      Maybe add If player gets substituted 1 point, the one who comes in 1 point aswell.

      • Subbed on or off 1 point, sure no problem.

        Player values have been rounded to the million, except where they are less than 2m. The Rakitic value is incorrect, he and Medel are both valued at 8.8 million, rounded down to 8m for the purposes of this competition.

        Alberto Moreno is not on the transfermarket listing so should we say 2m?

  12. Mark

    Thanks for comments messioronaldo, glad to hear you are on the mend etc.

  13. jrmrhr

    Just want to jump in quick to echo everyone’s congrats to MoR for his continuing eye improvement (did you have toxo?).

    Also, if there’s enough interest in the league, that sounds fun. MoR, how do you see this site helping that league? Let me know what you have in mind.

    • Jeremy, I suggest we do a fantasy Sevilla league as a trial run for a fantasy league next year. It might draw more into this sphere and it’s ‘another string to the bow’ to use an English expression.

      Ust nominate a selection of players from the squad and I’ll do a weekly table of the result.

      Regarding the eye, I just had the one surgery and decided it was enough. The eye is cured, the centre focus good but with a little distortion, the peripheral vision is just a white cloud. The blue iris has a white half moon across it. When it’s all settled down I’ll get some specs that equal out the differences.

  14. Jeremy, we only need a handful of particiants to make the fantasy Sevilla league interesting (to us), also, the restrictions of choice and timescale should make it a very close competion. I don’t intend to market the idea anywhere, it’s just a bit of fun.

  15. Niller

    Fazio is in the squad for the match against Mallorca. But no Cala…

    The defence is still a big question. I think Coke has improved alot lately, but it’s just a shame he has placed Cicinho on the bench. I would love to see both of them on the field, which is why I am now a big fan of this defence:

    At least Emery could try it. Fazio has the strenght and height while Coke has the pace. But once again the Botia-contract annoys me. Maybe a Fazio-Botia in the first half and then, depending on the matchresult, a Fazio-Coke.

    Perhaps something like this:

    Moreno should definetily be a starter by now…

    • I think the defence is pretty fragile, but only in open play and largely due to the offensive nature of the team. The practical solution is to field more defenders and defend seriously. The alternative is to dominate the game to such an extent that your defensive frailties become almost irrelevant. It’s difficult to describe Barca and Madrid in this way but the truth is that both Alves and Marcelo have some of the worse defensive stats in the league, but make up for it in offensive ability. The strong midfields of Barca and Madrid take the pressure off the defence – it’s a tradeoff that releases the wing backs from constant defensive responsibilies. Unfortunately Sevilla don’t have Xabi Alonso, Xavi Hernandez or Andres Iniesta in their midfield, so Coke and Fernano Navarro have more defensive responsibilities.

      This is the sort of lineup I would like to see, I’m not sure Stevanovic is up to it though.

      Stevanovic – Rakitic

      If Babá doesn’t score in the first half, bring on Negredo.

  16. Mark

    I agree Niller, we need to find a way to play our players that are in good form. Not sure why Cala is not even featuring? He should get a squad. Always seems to score a goal when he plays.

  17. I say other than slotting Botia in for Navarro, don’t mess with a good thing. Keep the same lineup as Celta and bring home the points!

    • jrmrhr

      I’m definitely leaning more this way. You can’t take apart the team that just won 4-1. Sure, we were playing an easy team, but success is success. And as we’ve noted, there have been times where for this team success against bottom-half teams has seemed much more elusive than success against teams more our equal. The 4-1 is a big deal, and we have to grow from there.

      Emery had a great quote re: our opponents: “There are three Mallorcas: the team that is suggested by their position on the table, the team that is suggested by their players, and the team on their current form. The latter is the most difficult.” Great point, and this one’s away….won’t be a gimme by any stretch.

    • Niller

      But the defence wasn’t very good in the Celta-game. Beto saved us a couple of times and even the crossbar were on our side. I’m not saying that Beto shouldn’t be doing anything in games against small teams, but the defence looked shaky and I think it was obvious that Navarro and Fazio didn’t play very well alongside each other.

      I think it’s important to find a new, solid defence with Spahic gone and i just don’t see Navarro as the best solution.

  18. Fantasy Sevilla, choose any number of players up to €25 million total value. A points table will be issued every week, there’s just twelve games left of season 12/13.

    No two Monchis can have exactly the same squad, so it’s first come – first served

    Skallum has already chosen (Kondogbia (4), Fazio and Botía (10) Beto (3) Medel (8))

    This is the points system

    Man of the Match 5 points
    Goal (Forward) 2 points
    Goal (Midfielder) 4 points
    Goal (Defender) 8 points
    Goalkeeper clean sheet 2 points
    Played 90 mins 2 points
    Penalty saved 5 points
    subbed on 1 point
    subbed off 1 point
    Yellow Card -1 point
    Red Card direct -2 points
    Two Yellows +Red -3 points
    On bench, not played -1 point

    This is the squad and values

    Álvaro Negredo Forward 18m
    Jesús Navas Midfield 17m
    Ivan Rakitic Midfield 8m
    Medel Midfield 8m
    Alberto Botía Defense 5m
    Federico Fazio Defense 5m
    Reyes Midfield 5m
    Kondogbia Midfield 4m
    Manu del Moral Forward 4m
    Babá Forward 3m
    Beto Goal 3m
    Cicinho Defense 3m
    Diego Perotti Forward 3m
    F. Navarro Defense 2m
    Hedwiges Maduro Midfield 2m
    Miroslav Stevanovic Midfield 2m
    Alberto Moreno 2m
    Javi Hervás Midfield 1.8m
    Cala Defense 1.3m
    Coke Defense 1m
    Andrés Palop Goal 0.5m

    • skallum

      Well if I may since no-one choose, If i can switch Botía+Fazio for Moreno+Rakitic. But does a defender get some points for cleansheets? Maybe goalkeeper 3 points for cleansheet defender 2 I dont know.

      • OK done, Botía and Fazio swapped for Moreno + Raki, defender clean sheet no, Goalie gets 2 points for clean sheet. Goalie gets points for 90 mins, penalty save and clean sheet.

        OK lets make it Defender clean sheet 1 point, amd goalie clean sheet 3 points, I think you are right.

  19. I played La Liga fantasy on Yahoo last year. Maybe we can start a league among MonchisMen on Yahoo or someother fantasy site next season?

    With that said, I’ll take:
    Fazio(5), Medel(8), Coke(1), Beto(3), Manu(4), Baba(3)

  20. Fantasy Sevilla – we need at least 3 more teams

    Chris Lail ….. Baba(3), Beto(3), Coke(1), Fazio(5), Manu(4), Medel(8) (24m)

    Skallum ….. Beto (3), Kondogbia (4), Medel (8) Moreno (2), Rakitic(8) (25m)

    messioronaldo …..Beto(3), Botía(5), Cicinho(3), Kondogbia(4), Medel(8), Moreno(2) (25m)

  21. Aaron, first of all thanks a lot for mentioning me along with the other die-hard sevillistas in monchismen, it’s always a pleasure to be here and will be for as long as the community and we exist.

    Also, I apologize for not being very active lately, since it is one of my very-busy part of the year, from academics to career, but I will always try to find time to come here, read and discuss with my fellow sevillistas who I admire very much.

    I also appreciate your initiative about a fantasy league, but I unfortunately cannot join as if I would, I want to be serious and active in it, which I can’t do these times, so you guys have fun and post here the results with screenshots or something else for us to see what’s going on.

    As for the Mallorca match, of course, a win would be great. But let’s not forget that possibly having Navarro anywhere on the field would endanger even a point tonight. I understand, we beat Mallorca 0-5 away for Copa this season already…. but they can cause a lot of issues for us tonight, as they desperately need points also. It will be a tricky match, and an early goal would be great. We can win this, even though we won only once against Depor until now while playing away !

    Vamos mi Sevilla, Vamos Campeon !!!

  22. Niller


    I don’t understand why Navarro still gets to be in the line-up. He’s got experience and can play very solid, but he often makes big mistakes that might cost points. We found a new leftback in Moreno, so why not use him on the leftback?

  23. jrmrhr

    But at least Reyes isn’t starting. So there’s that. But I agree…much prefer Moreno over there.

    • tirasus

      Oh good lord. If Dos Santos plays on the right wing for Mallorca…

      I have now gone from quietly confident, to very nervous

  24. Moreno will cover for Navarro, it’s insurance.

  25. skallum

    Yup Moreno converted to Leftwing, you can do it!

  26. What sites are you all watching, Futbolarg is failing – can’t watch.

  27. skallum

    Giovani shows good stuff first minutes, almost own goal there…

  28. jrmrhr

    Oh geez whether he’s diving or creating genuine danger, GDS is going to make this a long night for me.

    • jrmrhr

      I’m not sure how those obvious dives can be just a no-call. Look, either he was fouled, or he’s simulating and he needs a yellow card. There ought to be at least a warning that next it’ll be a card. But it can’t be just nothing, that doesn’t make sense.

  29. jrmrhr

    Negredo puts the best chance of the game thus far on frame but also right into the chest of their keep on a header from just a few meters away.

  30. skallum

    1-0 Mallorca…

  31. jrmrhr

    Wow that was a pretty bullshit call to get a goal off of.


  32. skallum

    Rakitic blaming Beto, but he saved in the first place otherwise it would have been a goal anyway.

  33. skallum

    Good Free-kick from Giovani tho…

  34. jrmrhr

    Wow I think I hate Tissone. Like…a lot.

  35. skallum

    Ohhh Negredo if you could have hit that ball!

  36. skallum

    Kondogbia making mistakes here and there.

  37. skallum

    Look at that pitch, looks awful from distance I’m assuming it’s hard to play on that field you can see it.

  38. skallum

    We are lost…

  39. Mark

    Guys, how are we playing? I cannot get any streaming at all?

    • skallum

      Not as we hoped, Mallorca playing strong first minutes got the goal and now defend decent we coudn’t create anything good yet.

  40. skallum

    Beto saves a short distance volley

  41. skallum

    Wish we scored a corner…
    looks like every cross and every fee-kick can’t even lift so awful. Wondering how we can win this really…

    *Cough..ughhbringreyesghu… did I say that!?

  42. Niller

    I’m sorry but this is not a classic spanish football-match. The last time I saw a team with such a defensive mentality was against Levante earlier this season.
    Sevilla is not creating chances at all. No pass-and-move, no shots, no runs… it’s long passes and it’s difficult to control the ball on that shitty pitch.

    Sevilla lacks the creativity once more and unless Emery manages to put some spirit and motivation in those players, this will be one of the most boring games of the season.

    • I agree with that Niller. I think what Mallorca requested from this match, considering they are fighting for relegation, was that lucky-to-somehow-get-in-the-net goal all of a sudden, and then defend with all their might, some Catenaccio thing or who knows, totally not interested in legitimate football.

      We conceded very disastrously, and Beto was the last to blame there, he even saved it once… the defense was pathetic in that case, and every other player of ours in the box.

      We have the possession (without productivity though), and we are able to at least get a draw from this. Could have been a clear win, but yet again, even a draw against a totally defense-minded Mallorca would be enough. Then it would be ours to figure out ways on how to score and win against sides playing like this, as not everyone will play wide and open against us.

      Vamos !

  43. tirasus

    Ended up missing the first half. Sounds like we didn’t do all that well. Did Mallorca dominate/did we look particularly fragile etc? Or just not good enough with the ball?

    • jrmrhr

      Mallorca puts all 11 in their half the second they lose the ball. We are finding it difficult to create much of anything even in the middle 1/3. Not saying it’s not our fault, but Mallorca have definitely been setting up a very defensive posture since the beginning of the game.

      • skallum

        disaggree there, they even started better than us. They started leaning back after they got there ‘lucky’ goal 0-1, They are sadisfied with that and lure for a dangerous counter you can’t blame them really.

  44. Beto should have put that ball wide, it’s easy to say I know, but it can’t rebound to the opposition (3rd law of goalkeeping)

  45. skallum

    The 3-2 win earlier this year against Mallorca was pretty much the same. But we cracked there defense with few good chances converted to goals late in the game, also bit lucky with that volley from Cicinho… but yeh as Niller says this is gonna be a long painfull game to watch this way.

    • The 3-2 was the perfect game according to Michel, I have to agree with him. Mallorca scored two goals against the run of play and Sevilla didn’t change their style or get desperate, they continued in exactly the same style and won the game.

      • skallum

        Maybe true but easy to say if you win that game. Something I wasn’t sure of during pretty much all that game till (2-2)

  46. But tonight we are really crap, the formation is strange, we need something to ignite the team. The game’s not lost, I expect Sevilla will rebound. Reyes will not solve this problem, we need Rakitic just outside the ‘D’ of the the penaly area to pick up all the loose balls and redistribute the play.

    • tirasus

      I must say, it’s not perfect by any means, but I have preferred Rakitic on the left with Manu in the hole recently. Rakitic seems to find more space to affect the game in that system

  47. jrmrhr

    Given the deficit, I don’t see any alternative but to move Moreno back, and bring on Manu or Reyes (please not Reyes) to the wing.

  48. skallum

    Martí with a Cracking shot!! hits the bar! pfff…

  49. tirasus

    Baba for Kondogbia…..interesting….

  50. jrmrhr

    OK, it was an exaggeration to say I couldn’t see ANY alternative. But I definitely didn’t see Kondo off for Baba. Hm. Thoughts, guys?

    • tirasus

      Never seen Emery play a 4-4-2/4-2-2-2 before. Perhaps he has spotted something

      Certainly isn’t going to help retain the ball

    • skallum

      You could feel Kondogbia was not going to make a difference tonight, atleast thats how I saw it.

  51. tirasus

    Holy crap! What a save from Beto!!!!!

  52. skallum

    Beto saving a almost sure 2-0.

  53. jrmrhr

    Good Lord. Betazo de mi vida.

  54. jrmrhr

    Please be the good Reyes. Please be the good Reyes. Please be the good Reyes.

  55. tirasus

    Negredo certainly finding more space with Baba up front

  56. tirasus


  57. skallum


  58. jrmrhr



  59. skallum

    Just to know how important that save from Beto was just minutes before.

    • tirasus

      He has to be the best damn loan signing I have seen on many a team for a long time, except maybe De Guzman for Swansea

  60. Mark

    Yesssssssssss, great to hear guys!! Get it. Come on now close this game off..

  61. tirasus

    BETAAAAZZZOOO again!!! Can I say that?! We need a phrase for all these Beto saves

  62. tirasus


    Mallorca hits the post and rebounds to their player to hit home


  63. skallum

    Another Rebound gol de Mallorca, against the post tapped in… How?

  64. wingback

    Is this karma

  65. wingback

    A player that we refused

  66. skallum

    67′ Botia out – Reyes in.

  67. tirasus

    Reyes…..I can’t watch *shuts eyes*

  68. jrmrhr

    Ooooo..Mallorca starting with fake injuries already, at 70 minutes. A risky move!

  69. tirasus

    Good play between Coke and Navas here

  70. tirasus

    Great save Aouate!!!!

  71. jrmrhr

    Sheesh every once in awhile in this half Sevilla produces something of such caterwauling wonder that you can’t help but still believe they might get a point or more out of this. Good lord they are playing with so much pace and intensity right now.

  72. tirasus

    Well that didn’t take long. Javi Marquez picks up a yellow after coming on for what…a minute and a half?

  73. jrmrhr

    That, and Mallorca look a little like they want to play a man down.

    (Suddenly worries about Medel, hopes he took his tranquilizers this morning)

  74. skallum

    Damn those corners, besides the crucial assist Ivan playing a poor match

  75. tirasus

    Cicinho on for Coke here and he’s straight on the ball

  76. jrmrhr

    Hm. If Cincinho is better now, why wasn’t he better to start the game? Coke didn’t look tired to me…

    • tirasus

      Maybe a change of style hoping for something? Cicinho definitely more of a dribbler and crosser. Coke mainly just a good link up player

      • jrmrhr

        You’re probably right. I just never understood why Cicinho stopped getting game time…he looked so good with Navas.

  77. tirasus

    Great cross from Cicinho, but Baba seems to hit balls up rather than forward with his head…

  78. tirasus

    Sorry guys! seem to be taking up lots of the comments section at the moment.

    Mallorca very irritiating. Always looking for FKs

    Cicinho dribbles past Casadesus, who just takes him out. Just a foul. Few minutes later Cicinho gets a card for…’fouling’ Hemed. Or squad never gets a break with cards

    Also, Negredo has turned invisible ever since scoring. Stopped moving deep to play the ball and instead playing on the defensive line. No one trying to use the space between Mallorca’s defence and midfield.

  79. jrmrhr

    That was Cicinho’s 5th yellow. Now when he doesn’t play in the next game I won’t be as confused.

  80. jrmrhr

    My goodness Mallorca has done a fantastic job of not playing this game for the past 2-3 minutes.

  81. tirasus

    Marquez sent off!

  82. skallum

    Short game for Javi Marquez, double yellow

  83. jrmrhr

    Haha, that guy’s red, and that we didn’t get anybody red carded…that’ll be my silver lining tonight.

  84. skallum

    Inhale… count to ten…

    Another Away-Game lost… Move on I’m just gonna let it sink in.

  85. jrmrhr

    FT. Sevilla lose. Sad faces all around.

  86. Niller

    You should think I had gotten used to these kinds of disappointments, but this is just horrible. Last week: 4-1 against a bottom-team. Now: losing 2-1 against an even lower team.

    If you play against Sevilla: 11 players in your own goalfield. All you need is 1 or 2 freekicks and you get a goal. Easy!

    I don’t know if I said it before, but this team needs big changes! What kind of football does Sevilla play? I can’t figure it out!
    Why is Navarro still getting chances? Do we have any plan B? Do we have any plan A?! I am frustrated…

  87. Damn…. this match managed to somehow ruin my weekend.

    I’m very angry and mad now, at the same time very disappointed, but I need to point out 3 important things that I saw tonight:

    1) While playing like this away all the season long, and with not much hope to improve in the future, we do not even deserve the Europa League, let alone more.

    2) I can find at least 5 full backs in my local teams of my country’s league that are way better mentally, technically and in every other aspect of football, than the overly mediocre player of ours, that doesn’t deserve the Sevilla shirt, Coke.

    3) Navarro simply shouldn’t be anywhere near the starting line up, his presence in the field is making me vomit all the time. Faulty for the second goal, and disastrous performance throughout the entire match.

    Therefore, I can conclude tonight, while having this statement proven all the way long during this season up until now, that Sevilla FC, our beloved team that we cheer for, has arguably the worst full backs in La Liga, starting regularly. While the other two (Moreno and Cicinho) are either left on the bench, or put in a position that they do not belong or is simply unnatural for them.

    Dammit…. we could’ve win this one… yet the consistency, as always !

    Ruined my night, ruined my weekend, damn !

  88. Mark

    I didn’t watch the game so I cAnnot comment. However loosing this match is simply not acceptable with the players we have, and that Mallorca are at the bottom of the league.
    Something is missing, and I don’t know what it is? We have a far superior squad, a proven manager, fantastic fans etc. why do we witness so many awful performances like this? Especially when it’s so important to qualify for europe.
    If we don’t qualify for europe I dread to think what will happen to our team.
    I fear too many abject performances like this could cost us come the end of the season. Hope I’m wrong…

  89. tirasus

    One big problem we have is that no player uses the space in between the opponents defence and midfield, so when opponents line up 2 banks of four, unless we get on the end of a cross we can’t get through.

    Rakitic comes deep too much. He doesn’t seem to like having his back to goal when under pressure, which is why he seems more comfortable at the moment out wide.

    Negredo plays better when he comes deep into the hole when either Baba or Manu comes on, but he stops doing it after a while leaving that space unmanned.

    Not sure how to solve this problem when we aren’t already ahead

    • Mark

      I don’t disagree tirasus, I think in certain situations we should be far more clever in possession when attacking. What I’m referring to is the level of our intensity in very important games. We were lacking in this for the first 30 mins or so in the semi final recently. Overall there are too many flat performances for my liking. It wouldn’t do us any harm to have a leader on the pitch. Someone who can take the game to the opposition. So many of our players lack this attitude at times.
      I feel us sevillistas spend far too much time debating the perfect formation or ideal tactical style of play. What’s lacking in many matches is work rate on and off the ball, and having eleven leaders on the field. Once they cross the white line it’s up to to them…

    • tirasus, they say a team should expand in possession and contract without possession, our team is too spread out, I want to see a block, like Roman centurions that move together which is more Madrid style (Capello) than Barca, it dominates possession and controls a game.

      Rakitic is too deep and close to the wing, Medel and Kondo look after the centre OK but Raki needs to interface just infront of them.

      Shendm, I know, the depression has set in, I switched off when Reyes came on, I thought this manager was exceptionally bright, now I’m not so sure. Anyway, the best thing for the depression was going to watch Sevilla Atletico win yet another game 3-0, depression lifted somewhat 😉

      • tirasus

        Ah, I meant to watch Sevilla Atletico on a stream. Completely forgot. Who scored/impressed? Did Rabello play?

  90. Goal recaps for those of us who missed the game:

    I was at the DC United game tailgating when the game was on. At least one of my teams won yesterday.

  91. hi tirasus, Israel Puerto scored 2, Alex Rubio 1, Rabello played well setting up two goals.

  92. Chris takes an early lead in the fantasy Sevilla game, thanks to Fazio collecting 5 points for the man of the match.

    Chris Lail 12
    Skallum 8
    mor 7
    mikesfc 7
    tirasus 6

  93. Niller

    Right, so…. now I’ve had some time to digest the loss and would just like to share some thoughts:
    6 points to Europe. 11 games left… it’s not impossible at all and doesn’t seem like much, but when the team plays like yesterday it seems hopeless. We need the spark! That little spark which can fire up the team like in the start of the season against Real Madrid, Betis and Barcelona. Too many times it has seemed like the players already thought they had three points before the match was played, and that is just unacceptable.

    A few players must look themselves in the mirror and really think about the situation. The team from yesterday (and many other days in this season) is not the team i fell in love with many years ago.

    In my point of view we have the coach and we have the players. Those players I have in mind are excellent players when they want to be, but where the big problem lies is the lack of creativity? I wrote it yesterday and i’ll write it again: what kind of football does Sevilla play? Once we played direct, attacking football, but now… I don’t know.

    We are the third-worst away-team this season and that tells me that the players need the support from the fans. Mark wrote that Sevilla needs 11 leaders and I agree: the problem is all spiritual.

    On the positive side: Sevilla Atletico is in a fine winning-streak and a few rounds ago they could feel the relegation-ghost, but they fought back. If they can, so can Sevilla FC!

  94. wingback

    Navarro= the demise of Capel and Perotti. Luna forced to LW then forced out,now Moreno forced to the wing.
    What am I missing? What is so special about his play?

    • Well though out. I always wondered who was the main cause behind Perotti’s and Capel’s flopping…. and also Luna’s not having enough minutes issue. Plus, he’s also being sometimes used as a CB, a position for which someone needs to be really trusted by the manager as it is a crucial part of the defense.

      Interesting…. yet confusing !

    • tirasus

      Maybe Navarro has some contract clauses that we don’t know about, like Botia.

      He certainly rarely helps his winger. He passes to them so often when they are either marked or under pressure. Other than a couple of decent dribbles out from the centre back position, he does the same thing there, passing to players in midfield when there are too many players around them

      A distinct lack of vision and tactical awareness I’m afraid, judging by his usually poor defensive positioning. He ends up so often behind his opponent. Problem is not a lack of pace, since he is neither THAT slow, plus there are slower left backs out there/ slower defenders out there that rarely end up in such positions so frequently.

      However I do mostly agree with Mark further above. Tactical play is important, but at the moment, lacking consistent intensity is a far bigger problem.

  95. wingback

    Isn’t Alfaro from Sevilla’s youth ranks. He’s another who also suffered from the Navarro.

  96. The thing that bothers me most about Navarro is how many times he gets caught out of position on the left side. He likes to come forward, but it’s never to the point where he is on the wing much like Cicinho does on the right where him and Navas overlaps. Navarro more times than not will dribble just past the half way line and do some silly cross to noone and then oops there’s my responsibility running down the sideline. He’s such a waste.

  97. Mark

    I think we all agree on Navarro on this post. Chris sums it up well, in terms of his poor contribution to the team. This I was so cross when we Luna go needlessly out on loan.
    Well, I’ve just looked at the league, we are sitting comfortable in 12th position. I’m not sure we will finish in euro places this year. Other teams around us are playing decent stuff, while with us it’s always one step forward and two back. We are 6 points from 8th place, therefore not much margin for error. I think our away form will probably cost us. Any thoughts on where we will end up?

  98. Mark

    Just reading Estadiodeportvo, making reference to a possible sale of Luis Alberto. Cant help think we have missed a trick with this boy if he signs for a small fee.
    Also, a story of how Lopez is playing out of his skin for Real Madrid, whilst Michel kept him out for Palop?
    One thing I dearly hope for in the pre-season, is to eliminate this constant mismanagement of players? Ive never known a situation that exisits why so many players of a good standard hardly ever play?
    Lopez, Cost £3m, hardly played. Now Real Madrid GK
    Baba, Cost £3m, good prospect, never plays
    Alexis, Cost £5m, Decent 1st season, on loan to Gefafe
    Guarente, Cost £5m, when he eventually recovered on loan to Atlanta?
    Cala, Recalled from a loan move in Greece, never plays?
    Manu, Cost £4m, Spanish International, hardly plays?
    Stevanovic, Cost £1m, Ring wing we dont need, has hardly played?
    Rabello, Not sure on cost. Stevanovic, Medel and Cicinho block his Non-EU
    Hervas, Cost £1m, never plays?
    Luna, From, the quarry, IMO very good player, loan out twice doubt if he will return?
    Campana, the quarry, won various national Euro championsips at junior level. Never plays?
    Then we have also let go some great players for peanuts, look at Capel, Duda at Malaga, Alfaro who scored for Mallorca against us. Rhodri looked a reasonable prospect until we gave him away?

    Any thoughts on the above Guys? Is it me, or do any of you share the same frustrations?

    • tirasus

      Could not agree more. I mean, we can agree and disagree about players we would like to see in the squad – we all have favourites/different ways of thinking/different wishes, but we are absolutely just wasting money on the strangest transfers.

      Another that always confused me was Cigarini. Can’t remember now whether he was a loan deal or an actual signing, and I believe he is doing quite well now in Serie A.

      Why do we seem to spend relatively large amounts on players that we either don’t need, or won’t play, or simply aren’t good enough? And why do we let good players leave for such small quantities?

      Why did we let Adriano go for 8m euros (without the variables)? He was looking such a promising player. Why Capel? Why Luna?

      Even the Botia situation is confusing. We paid a decent amount for him, but an apparent development cost to Barcelona makes his value shoot to 10-15m. Why then buy him? With all due respect, current performances do not warrant such a high cost, especially when we are ‘financially unstable’…yet Zenit were offering 6m for Fazio.

      It all comes down to the same thing. We all know that there are decent players out there, that are good enough to play at a ‘European’ level, that do not cost the earth. We see them move around during the transfer windows, and yet Sevilla so frequently sign players that we either don’t need or won’t play, and more importantly cost more than they are worth. We might agree/disagree on players that we like for certain costs, but I think all of us can agree on underused and over-valued players.

  99. skallum

    I Kinda share that opinion Mark. Let’s say if those prices are correct, we did not buy Alexis, Guarente, Manu you almost got fiftheen million to spend on an ‘exceptional’ player in stead of ‘mediocre’ playersn (othing against those three tho). Then you don’t have loads of players who can’t play, loose a little bit width in de squad but gain some extra class in the squad. The reason Babá en Manu can’t play is clear: Negredo. And I think with the eye on the future I don’t see Babá as our lonely striker upfront, when Negredo leaves. so what’s is the plan with Babá ?? Just we need a two striker team in my opinion. Our midfield is stable with Medel and Kondogbia, so that’s okay still the leftwing is a problem so maybe that’s a position to focus on. In the dutch league there’s this worldclass striker maybe you know him Wilfried Bony, strong as Beast and so calm in front of goal, scoring almost every opportunity, he scored now 23 times if i’m right. Price tag bit high 10-12 million I think but he’ll pay it back with goals. (maybe if Negredo leaves?). Some one here named Juan Bernat i thought as a leftwing from Valencia here, let’s see bit fantasy if i may:


    I let Rakitic out, in my opinion he could go up for sale.

    • Mark

      Hi Skallum, I agree with your post. I definately think we need a more balanced team and squad with two strikers for sure. With young up and coming, hungry players. I take your point. There are very good players that can be bought to gain great value.
      I mean, when you look back, when we sold Martin Caceres (great players), Jan 2012, what was we doing buying Reyes for 3.5M? and for that matter Baba? We could of bought Gio Dos Santos, and another decent player etc. I just hope all this wastage stops, this is feel is the biggest factor in why our league position and quality of football is declining in recent years. Too many mad and bad buys have actually caught up with us now. We cant keep changing the manager to fix this “root” cause. MoR made a good point recently in that we dont have Kanote and Fabiano to paper over the cracks and bail us out anymore. Remember when we had half the team of Brasilianos???
      Lets all hope we can somehow manage to get 8th, and take the whole summer to reassess. Let Emery bring his own players in.

      • skallum

        Also Jurado is returning to Schalke from a loan-deal last year in Russia. If he doesn’t get his chance and he’s unhappy Schalke and Jurado could aggree about a transfer this summer. They put a price-tag of 6 million on him. Emery must be seeing that. Maybe if we could snap him up for 4 million. Yet he doesn’t fit ‘super’ in this 4-2-2-2 I think maybe bit central.

    • Interestingly enough, after searching up a bit, I found out that Sevilla was interested in Wilfried Bony in 2011.

      That fantasy line up looks very decent, yet it could turn out to be a great one… if only Monchi would read our comments 😛

  100. Ibusuki Hiroshi is loaned out to Beligian team K.A.S. Eupen, anyone know how he’s doing?

  101. Mark, Skallum, tirasus, Niller – great comments. “From the quarry”, I love that phrase 😉

    You have iterated through some of our ‘problem’ signings and I can’t disagree with any of it, however, I have to say that despite the problems – the quality of the signings has improved a lot, there have been some solid signings: Kondogbia Medel and maybe Rakitic, and I have to confess I thought that Reyes would solve our creativity problem (but he hasn’t, it’s a failure)

    Now to look on the bright side, without checking my facts, I believe that Sevilla have won 4, drawn 1 and lost 3 under Emery. Four home wins, and of the three away defeats, we have lost to Real Madrid, Barcelona and Mallorca. Sure, Mallorca is a disappointment but the record is not too bad. We have our new ‘stars’ Kondo and Moreno, and we have Emery. Halleluja, praise the lord.

    • tirasus

      Absolutely, we have made some quality signings. In fact, Medel is probably my favourite player in the whole squad.

      It’s the numerous bad deals that seem to out weigh the good deals.

      Rakitic, Medel, Kondogbia, even Negredo are solid signings. I’m liking Cicinho a lot, getting more convinced by Coke and Beto was a great loan deal.

      Caceres was a superb bit of business while we had him, and then we sold him for such a meagre fee. Daaaamn did Juve get a good deal there.

  102. skallum

    I’m done with my exams for now 😉

    Still if you wanna resolve the creativity, there is not going to be a ‘creator’ if we play 2 strikers tho. And by creator I mean Central attacking midfielder behind the strikers. We shoudn’t get Jesus Navas out of position so that’s a standerd on the rightwing. Then if you say Kondogbia ánd Medel have to play, there are 2 people left to put in the , ttackingposition. if you play a four-back formation right? one of those is atleast a striker… and the one on the leftwing should be the creator then I guess? It’s possible for Moreno to dive in that space if the creator goes behind the strikers, but all in all you don’t have a left wing then.

    The thing is… if you put it like this (def/mid)

    You already got 7 players, and I don’t want to bring them down but those aren’t the ‘creators’. So if playing with two strikers doesn’t make room for one either. Just saying every formation has a weak point, unless the players upfront are confortable in playing on every place and situation when attacking that makes it hard to defend. If it’s static you’re not getting anywhere.

    Look at Malága formation (even Atlético). Wait I’m going to put that in a file if that makes any sense to be continued …

  103. skallum

    there is it:

    Just something that strikes me, what do you guys think?

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