La Liga TV Revenue Sharing Update

[Welcome, Google searcher! If you’re here looking for English-language coverage of the ongoing debate about TV Revenue Sharing (or the lack thereof) in La Liga, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to this article, you might find this and this and this (and the comments sections) very useful, as well as the orange and white graphic below on the bottom right labeled “las tablas”, which shows what each Liga team got from TV Revenue in 2009-2010. Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to leave a comment or come back for more Liga coverage!]

“Tenemos que trabajar y estamos trabajando para conseguir que las distancias se acorten a futuro, y el futuro ha de ser inmediato.” / “We must work and are working to shrink the revenue gap for the future, and the future must come now.” (November 11, 2010)

As published by, Sevilla are watching a battle between the two most prominent broadcasters in Spain (Mediapro and Sogecable), who are bidding for the rights to televise Sevilla FC’s future matches.  Sevilla’s contract is expiring with Mediapro at the end of this season, and our current broadcasters have now upped their bid to €30 million.  As you can see in the Tabla to the side, this would be a few more million in TV revenue.  A few more million can go a long way for our shrewd club, but it feels mostly like a moral battle won in Del Nido’s war against the TV revenue inequality.  Obviously, when Real Madrid and Barcelona restructure their own deals in the near future, our €6 million gained could be dwarfed by their gains, but there is certainly some headway being made.

I’m sure most of the LFP world hates Del Nido, and they have their reasons, but let us consider the situation as it is:  as one of the clubs in Spain aspiring to great things year in/out, it’s inspiring again and again to see him fighting for the club the way he does.  How comforting to know, as a player, that your team president is sweating it out just as much as you are.  I mean, for comparison’s sake, I’d much rather get behind a fiery underdog than an overlord like Pérez.

We’ll be watching this closely to see what develops in the future.  Here’s a review of our MM archives on this matter:

Del Nido, TV Revenue Sharing and La Liga

La Liga $$$

BarcaRMAtletiValencia vs SevillaVillarrealAthleticSociedadMalagaEtc

Here are the tables of the TV earnings across four major european leagues.




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17 responses to “La Liga TV Revenue Sharing Update

  1. Recomendación, Poned un traductor en vuestra página al castellano.

  2. jrmrhr

    the above, in english: Santiago has recommended that we add a translation function to the page so that people can read in Spanish as well.

    we’ll probably do that once we figure out how to do it.

    (looks like it might be an option only available to the pay version of wordpress).

  3. jrmrhr

    ok, monchis men: aaron and i are going to try some re-arrangements of page elements. hang in there, and when we’re done i’ll ask for some feedbacks.

  4. jrmrhr

    ok, i think that’s it for now. everyone, please feel free to leave and any all suggestions/changes/etc, including “THIS SUCKS CHANGE IT BACK!”.

    as a bonus, everyone check out how the site translates SRH’s name when the page is viewed in spanish. BEST. THING. EVER. (sorry, srh).

  5. srh

    wait! how do you view the page in spanish?!?! what does “srh” become?!?! damn i gotta know!

    nice update. nice to see some progress, even if its only a 6 million euros. but it also says that in a time of global recession the sevilla brand is growing. and that is encouraging.

    finding some way to get it translated/available to spanish readers would be great. since we’re one of the top 100 sevilla blogs now, we need to appeal to a broader audience 🙂

  6. srh

    ps. go atletico!!!!!!!

  7. jrmrhr

    alright, atleti beat villarreal today.

    that means going into tomorrow’s game atleti, bilbao, and sevilla are all even on 38 points, and are spread across 6th, 7th, and 8th (in that order on GD, although we own the head-to-head tie-break with atleti). it also means that we can take sole position of 6th place, maybe move into 5th (pending espanyol’s visit to levante), and cut the distance to CL by a whole game with a win. basically, a win tomorrow is like beating three direct opponents in one game.

    srh, i seriously can’t wait for you to see your name’s “meaning” in spanish.

  8. sexual and reproductive health

    bahahaha! that’s brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!1

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